Thursday, April 12, 2007

This Side Tiber - I :Words of Advise

Map of RomeWell we've started working on the move - so many things to do in the next few months: medicals, inventory, rewriting my CV for the international market, getting the house ready for sale, getting Reesie microchiped and the list goes on. August seems so far away but we really only have four months to get everything done. I will not panic! I will not panic! I will..........PANIC!!!!!

Of course once all the confusion of moving is over we will have the culture shock of adapting to a new way of living. And Laurent and I have to get use to living together again - its been three years except for the odd few weeks once every six months.

Our friends Betty Jean and Stephen will be leaving Rome just as we arrive - cowards, running off to Damascus just to get away from us. But Stephen sent on this little piece of advise:
There are a couple of things that you should be aware of - first, living in Rome is not at all like visiting Rome. It is a Mediterranean country - not at all European. If you put it on a par with Beirut, Damascus or Cairo, you will be OK. Simple things like an ADSL connection - think weeks, months, not days. And the daily shopping is a pain. The Italians put it this way - "the complete confusion is something not to be understood, merely appreciated."


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laurent said...

We will try very hard not to panic. It is not nice to panic and there is nothing to panic about.

Repeat that 10000 times.