Monday, April 23, 2007

Don't Fence Me In!

The fence in the tree Back in 1987 we spent Easter Weekend visiting Palanque - it was an incredible experience on more levels than could be imagined - scenically, archaeologically, historically and from a travel anecdote angle (a hotel on stilts over a mosquito-infested swamp, contentious French tour groups, and threats to call the Governor of Chiapas.) However one of the lasting images was the jungle vegetation insinuating itself into the fabric of the city. One of the guide books suggested that if left unattended the jungle would, once again, reclaim the temple complex within a few years - nature always takes back her own.

Well that side fence in my backyard is a great example of that phenomena. Our yard is surrounded by mature trees - unfortunately some of them are that dandelion of arboriculture, the Manitoba Maple. Once the MM has planted it's seed (you should excuse the expression!) and has taken root nothing will stand in its way. Obviously this slat from the fence first had the nails knocked out of it, then was pushed to one side and finally surrounded by the growing tree. This man-handled piece of wood didn't stand a chance against one of its living, growing relatives.

Ain't nature incredible.

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BigAssBelle said...

nature is incredible. most of the time that makes me really, really happy. i like it that we just can't control her, though we continue to try. i would never wish death and destruction on anyone, but the power and destructiveness of tornadoes and hurricanes give me a sense of humanity being put in its place and i like that.

the scourge of our garden is the pecan, that deep rooted tree vigorously planted deep every autumn by our cadre of red-furred gardeners with big bushy tails.