Sunday, April 15, 2007

Focus on the Family????

An apology to anyone who looked at this entry earlier today - I forgot to change the url on the cartoon I was enthusing about. The link has now been corrected - just in case anyone has come back for a second look.
From Doonesbury@Slade
Every morning I go for my daily dose of Doonesbury at Slate. As well as the current week's features there are flashbacks to events that have shaped many of our lives in the past 35 years - sure mostly in the U.S. but let's admit it what happens in the U.S. doesn't stay in the U.S.

It's also fascinating to see how Garry Trudeau's style has evolved: those sketchy characters from 1972 have now become fully developed - artistically and as "people."

In Sunday's feature Trudeau hits his target dead centre with a question that the good folk at Focus on the Family have yet to answer.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer Spaceman Spiff ...

But, unfortunately ... Calvin and Hobbs (William, is that you?) has been out of circulation for a while ... :(


Gotta love playoff hockey!