Friday, April 06, 2007

April Fools - A Few Days Late

When Reese and I hit the backyard at around 0600 yesterday morning (April 5) it was apparent why you never remove the mulch cover in Ottawa until May.

The deck and a dusting of snow

Finding that old familiar spot
Sure it's not going to stay but try and convince Reese of that - one day its green, next day its white. It can confuse a fella. And it's hard to find your favorite spot when the ground is frozen.

A light dusting of snow... hmmm
Sort of romantic - broken branches from an ice storm dusted with snow ........

No Barbie tonight Bruce

....... abandoned skeleton of a BBQ from summer

Nope still says bloody winter no matter how you dress it up. (Actually I took the BBQ out last weekend and forgot to put it back in.)

Romantic but deserted
Okay - this is romantic but notice even the birds find it too depressing to come around.

1 comment:

BigAssBelle said...

puppy!!! precious one :-)

love that little hexagonal/octagonal building. is that part of the house?

any birds in this frosty land? nice bird house. i put up feeders and then didn't fill them this winter. it is my great shame. poor little birdies.