Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bad Day at Black Rock - II

Reesie - unshavedAfter....All groomed (shaved?)There are worse things than bath day! Grooming Day! That's bath day plus....
And when that stupid arthritis medicine gives you a skin condition its even worse. They bath you twice and then shave you almost down to the skin. Gives you that punk rock look. Not dignified at 91!

Will gives a rub.

And hits the right spot.
But at least the one with the glasses and thin hair feels guilty enough to give extra rubs and treats from the big magic black box in the kichen.

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BigAssBelle said...

oh i LOVE these photos! what a sweet little dog. ninety one is a fine age for a pooch. i kind of like the barbered look. have been thinking of barbering betty for the summer.

you are a good papa. lucky little dog.