Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Quick Sharing

I haven't done a sharing post in a long time but that may change now that I am no longer employed - my choice by the way they didn't fire the old fart. But back to sharing - this will be a quick one as I am packing for ferragosto vacation.

Over at Bleeding Espresso Michelle had this great tip for storing the fresh cut basil that is so readily available this time of year. Our greengrocer gives us great bunches of it and often it goes to waste but that won't happen again after having read her tip.

Just click on the basil to go there:

And talk to you all from Pesaro! Sun! Seaood! Rossini! Beach! Wine! And Basil!

11 agosto - Santa Chiara


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Thanks so much for sharing this...enjoy your basilico :D

yvette said...

My kind of solution at the end of summer is to collect all the leaves left in a box, and cover the layers of basil leaves with tasty olive oil, then deep freeze the box. Like that, I have a supply of ready flavoured olive oil to make various dishes in the dull winter...Thank you so much for yours !
Dear Will, if you happen to hear Marchesa Melibea- VERONIKA VYATKINA (17 agosto), I am very much interested in your
comments, as she was finalist in the Marseille opera competition last October. (I very much appreciated her renditions). Have a super time in Pesaro! I'll be following as usual;)


i wish i had known this 3 days ago..i just picked most of my basil and hung it up to dry out..dagnabbit.

Doralong said...

I'm now knee deep in basil and totally pestoed-out. Thanks for the tip!