Monday, August 09, 2010

Lunedi Lunacy

I am ashamed to admit that my Italian is beyond horrible - I still can't get past the most basic of communications but my understanding has increased incredibly. When we did the tour of the MAXXI last week it was entirely in Italian. And I'm proud to say that not only did I get 60% of what the remarkable docent said but I also got the little joke she had saved until the end.

There's a well known dish here called Mozzarella in Carrozza - the translation is Mozzarella in a Carriage. Recipes vary from region to region but here in Roma its sort of like french toast made with a mozzarella cheese sandwich. Given my gluten free diet I've never tried it but friends tell me that once tried it is never forgotten by either the taste buds or the arteries!

The featured exhibition at the MAXXI is devoted to the work of Gino de Dominicis and this creation from the late 1960s is a piece of inspired Italian Lunacy.

Here we have a lovely old carriage (carrozza) ...

... and sitting proudly inside ...

... a mozzarella.

Eccola! - Mozzarella in carrozza!

And I got it without looking at the label! Hey small victories are often hard won!

09 agosto - Santa Teresa Benedetta della Croce


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Well done for you and your Italian comprehension! And I don't mean to sound cheesy about it.

Danielle said...

You know more Italian than I do!