Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Am Not A Shoe Fetish! Honest!

Its just I can't get over the shoes on display here in Italy. Not just in the high fashion centres like Milano or the slightly lower fashion (except in its own mind) Roma but in the high end shops in towns like Pesaro.

Though these are not as outrageous as some of the footwear on display in Milano I am still trying to figure out where the smart upper middle class woman would wear these in Pesaro???? Though for some reason I am seeing them with a multi-pleated thirties style dress in a soft brown with matching fur at the cuffs in a revival of The Women. I really must stop watching those 30s movies!

28 agosto - Sant'Agostino d'Ippona



shoes were always 'my thing'...but with my diabetes and the way it effects my feet I can't wear those lovely beaut's any more..I used to live in cowboy boots and had a huge collection of the most beautiful boots you ever I get leg cramps so bad just from trying to get my feet in them.

Doralong said...

I WANT those Mary Janes on the left... My eternal weakness, the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post a picture, or better yet a video, of women wearing these shoes and walking on cobblestone street? I don't know how it can be done without ruining them.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I can just imagine them on women in those movies from the 30s and 40s! Joan Crawford might wear those snakeskin numbers, and Jean Arthur might wear those Mary Janes. I think Claudette Colbert might wear the ones in the center!

(By the way, couldn't find the comment button on the Jan Morris post, so I'm commenting here. Haven't read her in ages! Such a charming writer. Thanks for the recommendation. The travel essays sound perfect.)