Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Clash of Cultures

I've never been one to deal in stereotypes - well okay maybe once or twice; but I really do think this snap from one of the most expensive photo ops in the world (beter known as the G20) does play to it.

The Canadian Guy (old Snake Eyes): Self-absorbed, navel gazing, oblivious.
The American Guy: Businesslike, unwilling to be distracted.
The French and Italian Guy: Wow! Look at that ass!

Thanks to Carla for passing on this little insight into world views.

10 agosto - San Lorenzo


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Canadians are not from the Frozen North for nothing!


if the american president had been george bush, he'd put on his hat and spurs and mounted her.

Minnie said...

Love it! And Obama + Sarko are standing in front of the Union Jack - with no Brit in sight. Hm. An accurate depiction of US + French attitudes to the UK? Very probably.
Mind you, The Boy Dave in these circs would doubtless be doing his steely eyes forward-to-the-future routine (no, it doesn't fool us, either).
What on earth did we do to deserve this shower?