Saturday, August 07, 2010

And This Would Be .....????

Thursday evening we went to the new MAXXI gallery out near the Parco del Musica. I think it is a stunning example of modern architecture. Designed by the flamboyant British-Iraqi architect Saha Hadid it incorporates the facade of the former military buildings on the site while making a very bold statement of its purpose as a museum for contemporary art. It doesn't appear all that large from the outside but once through the towering glass doors it opens up into a brilliantly conceived display space.

That gigantic skeleton laid out in front of the entrance is the work of Gino De Dominicis - and he is the subject of a special exhibition and I'll be sharing a bit more of his work on Monday.

In the meantime yesterday we said goodbye to one of our colleagues and presented her with this little gift that clearly demonstrates the sleek lines and style of Italian design.

It gives rise to two questions.

  1. What the hell is it?
  2. What the heck does it do?
So what would you use this for? Any suggestions? And YDG remember Nicky and Nora sometimes read the blog.

07 agosto - San Sisto e compagni

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

It reminds me of that huge spider sculpture called "Maman" by Louise Bourgeois.


give me nightmares.???

Jacques said...

1. a homage to the sculptural and semifunctional talents of Philippe Starck

2. renders homage to its designer and creator, and provides interesting conversation (depending on the prudishness or audacity of the conversants involved in the discussion, of course) as long as it stays on the coffee table and you don't actually try using it to squeeze juice out of citrus fruits, as pressing down from the top risks breaking a leg off at the delicate "hip" joint where the legs meet the body of the object.

joven said...

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