Friday, July 03, 2009

Two Wheel Tricks

No this is not a posting about my misspent youth amongst the flesh pots of the world - believe me that would take up far to much space. My darling Yannis in Athens posted this on Facebook and I just had to steal it. The guy is amazing!

Confession time: no, not about the fleshpot thing, that was so long ago I forget, but I never could learn to ride a two wheel bike. Hell I fell off my tricycle!

03 Luglio - San Tommaso???????



oh cool...i wanna hear the 2 trick story..
i was a late bloomer on when i got one for christmas i knew i had to learn how and a friend gave me a 4 leaf clover for luck and i thought hey i can do this..i have a 4 leaf clover..and rode that bicycle all over the place with the 4 leaf clover clutched in my hand..when i got off the bike and opened up my 4 leaf clover..

RG said...

Um....have you noticed what a fine posterior he has? I'm just sayin'....