Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mercoledi Musicale

Photo by Neil Gillespie*My good friend Parsi, with whom if as there was is a goddess in heaven I'd I'll be having dinner and concert going this coming Saturday in Corinth but sadly it is not to be because as I don't now have a babysitter for the kids, had the good fortunate to be at one of those evenings that will go down in operatic history. I could forgive him for that but then a few nights ago he also caught Helen Mirren in Phaedra at the wonderful Theatre in Epidaurus. Parsi , if you weren't so "adorable"....

Appropriately on the 4th of July Yankee Diva Joyce DiDonato was singing Rosina as part of an all-star cast in Rossini's Barber of Seville at London's Royal Opera House. During one particularly hectic moment in the frantic staging she tripped and sprained her ankle - or so it appeared. She went on to sing the rest of the performance using a crutch. But it turns out it was more than a simple sprain. She has sang the rest of the performances from a wheelchair.

But it's probably better to let the lady herself tell you the complete story but only after you've heard her as Rosina standing on her own two feet. Here she is with her frequent partner the wonderful Juan Diego Florez, showing both her vocal and comedic skills.

So here's Joyce's taking on the evening of the 4th and the adventure that followed at the next performance. We are sure as hell talking Yankee pluck here!

Brava for the Diva!

The photograph of Ms DiDonato en fauteuil roulant is taken from her blog and is the work of the very talented Neil Gillespie.

*God help me I am starting to write like an Italian ballet critic!

15 luglio - San Bonaventura da Bagnoregio

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sageweb said...

Very nice, as you get to go know? Lucky

evilganome said...

Quite the story and I have to say, one of the most vivacious Rosina's I have heard in a while.


they make them opera singers tough..

Elizabeth said...

What an incredible story! That's pluck and dedication to the nth degree!