Monday, July 13, 2009

Lunedi Lunacy

I was talking with my friend John in Ottawa on Saturday and it looks like if it doesn't stop raining they may just consider a sacrifice - provided a virgin of either sex can be found.

13 luglio - Sant'Enrico II del Sacro Roman Impero


Anonymous said...

Boy is John right about the rain in Ottawa! Last week in London, UK, was just as bad. They had 3 months rain in 3 hours, flooded tube stations,etc.

And the temp is hovering at the 20C mark - not exactly balmy.

On the positive side, my grass has never looked better and the garden is lush.


Anonymous said...

At least we aren't alone in our weather misery! Hey I live in Canada what else can we talk about?

sageweb said...

In this case, I love our weathermen.

evilganome said...

Hmmmmm.... I wonder if anyone has dispatched the local weathermen, our weather has started to finally improve.


pleeeze send rain to west,texas..we'll pay for it with bold springs baptist church hamburgers( which i had today and was so good, i almost cried)