Friday, August 17, 2007

The Reese Report – Rome II

Reese in the Park
Well Reese has laid claim to the small garden at the back of our complex – he has decided that any other dog coming within 10 feet of “his” fountain has to be challenged. For a little dog he does have a big bark but the minute it looks like the other dog is going to break the 10 foot rule he backs off. As most Romans love their dogs only slightly less than they love their children – and in some cases slightly more – there are plenty of dogs to react to his bold challenge. The Shetland downstairs cowers; the Dalmatian from across the road goes into a frenzy of barking wanting desperately to put this little piece of fluff in his place and the Weimaraner with the sad eyes looks even sadder and just keeps chewing on her rubber bone.
Pee! Who me?
We’re still having problems with the accidents in the house – and we’re not sure if it’s just the break in routine, an infection or the effect of advancing age.We find that we’re taking him out at almost 4 hour intervals. And as to the accidents, well as Laurent says: Its only water.

15 agosto – Azzensione Maria Virgine


evilganome said...

Poor Reese. I'm glad he has staked his claim. It must mean he's starting to feel like he owns the place. As for accidents, I remember when Maud got old and arthritic. Accidents became pretty frequent, especially with her medication. She would get so embarrassed! As long as he's seems to be happy, that's all that counts.

BigAssBelle said...

oh that last photo KILLS me!!! those big dark eyes. sweet, sweet puppy.

i'm glad he has a little bit of green. as for the rest of those hounds, begone with them. reesie reigns supreme, i would hope.

my sweet betty peed on my slipper the other night. inexplicable. it is, after all, only water. puppy love is irreplaceable, even if it comes with moisture.

glad to hear that you are well . . .

BigAssBelle said...

oh dear . . . is there a vet in town if it is infection? or have all vets vanished with the august vacationers?

more cowbell said...

Oh that last picture, he could be mistaken for a puppy!

I like the description of the other dogs, especially the Weimeraner.

If the vets are anything like in Hungary, they'll still make housecalls. For cheap. Sweet!

tater said...

I am hopelessly in love with a pup I have never met before. THOSE EYES! OMG. Such a lovely little guy. My brother has two dachsunds, and they gaurd their territory as well. So smart, and so cute! What a breed. I am hoping he is okay, and is just suffering from prolonged jet lag!

Bev said...

Reesie is so macho. I'm sure Sobi and Silver would cower as well... Ok, maybe not! Sobi and Silver asked me to tell Reese that they miss him. However, Sobi reminded me that Uncle Will is HER guy and Reese better not get in the way next time we're all in the same country :)