Friday, August 17, 2007

And This Would Be….. Cont’d

Well some people, who remain nameless, go to IKEA more often than I do. This little contraption is indeed a combination Toilet Paper- Toilet Brush holder and, I might add, is totally impractical as either. Emptying the brush holder – ‘cause lets admit it occasionally you’re going to get water in there – is total impossible. And if the toilet paper feature – and when did I ever think I would right that phrase? – is used with too much force the top comes off; with too little it tears off at the dispenser and you have to take the top off to get at the paper!

As all the Embassy apartments come equipped with these ingenious devices they have become, along with where to find the best gelato, a hot topic of conversation amongst the new arrivals. One colleague’s solution has been to put the toilet paper roll on top and buy an ordinary toilet brush. Seems the most practical solution.

And Tater, exactly how would you use this as a sex toy? We found that you can put it.... never mind!

16 agosto – Saint Rocco


BigAssBelle said...

heh. sex toy. yes, tater. how would you use this contraption as a sex toy? were you gazing with fondness at that upright and stiff looooooong handle?

well this is kind of ugly, this white thing. ugh. a necessity, i suppose. would be better if it worked. glad the mystery is solved.

more cowbell said...

no, not IKEA, just a lot of years on that side of The Pond. A sex toy would've been way more interesting.

tater said...

Hehe! I thought that's what it was, but kept saying to myself "why would someone put this monstrocity in their bathroom? It can't be that..."


How silly this is.