Wednesday, August 29, 2007


To get into our complex – Villa Nomentana – you have to get past the Portero, have the key for the front gate, the key for the building and two keys for the main entrance to the apartment. Should you make it that far and decide to leave by the service entrance you are faced with this:
Overkill or what?
Is it me or does that just seem a bit like overkill? Or maybe there’s something about the neighbourhood we don’t know!

25 agosto – San Luigi di Franschi


more cowbell said...

Um, yeah. Overkill. It's not just you.

BigAssBelle said...

good grief! is this some special place you're in for diplomats? that would make me nervous.

tater said...

I don't know, there are a lot of Heroin addicts in Italy. I'm sure there are lots of thieves in need of funds for medicine. Glad you guys are safely tucked away, in any case!