Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Reese Report - Rome Edition

As previously reported Reesie arrived safe and sound, if with his ever so elegant nose a bit out of joint. He was – and occasionally still is - not happy with the state of his world.

The process of bring him into Italy was a complicated one, we had to:

  • Have a microchip implanted.
  • Have his rabies vaccination up-dated.
  • Have our Vet complete – in block letters, blue ink only, no erasures or overwrites – an EU entry form.
  • Have that form validated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (?) Vet, who did not like the way it was completed by our Vet and made us get another one.
  • Have a Vet in Montreal do a final health check 24 hours before our departure.
And entry into Italy? Well the three customs officials were in the midst of a very serious conversation so they just waved us through! Ya gotta love EU bureaucracy and the Italian response to it!

Reese amongst the laundry But it’s been a hard two weeks for him – moving from place to place, boxes all over the place, strange people, strange smells and a complete change of routine. And suddenly at 14 he has to be re-trained to apartment living. Unusually for him there have been accidents and his embarrassment has been visible. But no matter where he goes, Reese is always resourceful at finding someplace to burrow – even if it’s just a pile of dirty laundry.

9 Agosto - ss. Fermo e Rustico


BigAssBelle said...

oh that sweet little baby. it is very hard to adjust at 98. that's a big move for a puppy. he looks so sweet. i am so so happy to hear that he made it. i was fretting about the plane. my bill is a burrower too. his happiest day is laundry day when his daddy brings up armsful of hot clothes for him to bury himself in. he burrows, then pokes out just his nose and within minutes is panting vigorously from the heat. you'd think he'd come out. no. maybe reesie needs some hot clothes :-)

more cowbell said...

Well he's safe and sound, and the most important thing is still familiar -- his people. It's a big move for an animal, and they don't understand. I'm glad he made it over ok though. Hugs to him.

tater said...

So happy he made the trip safe and sound! Do you plan on teaching him Italian? Such the cutie-pie!