Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We still don’t have Internet at home and with Ferragosto (see below) in full swing it may be another two to three weeks before that happens.

That means that I can only post if I go to a “hot spot” or one of the very expensive Internet cafes. Since the apartment has to be cleaned, clothes washed and ironed, Reese attended to, shopping done and meals prepared (oh my God I should have entered Italy as a member of Laurent’s household staff!) I often just don’t have the time so postings may be erratic for the next little while.

As I’ll probably be putting up several posts written on different days all at once I’ll identify the day it was written; and because its Italy, because its Rome and because Big Ben, Father George and the Boys live just the other side of the river, I’ll include the Saint’s Day – and god knows there’s a Saint, sometimes two, for every day.

Sadly the lack of Internet means that I haven’t been able to keep up with my favourite blogs and I miss them. Once Fastweb comes through I’ll have a lot to catch upon.

15 agosto – San Alfredo


tater said...

we miss you. write when you can.

evilganome said...

It sounds like you will still have to get used to the Italian pace of life. I have friends that have traveled extensively in Italy and they all say you just have to give up on the idea that anything is going to happen in a way consistent with our northern european timetable. So, slow down and enjoy. BTW, I heartily agree with you on how stylish Italian women are and how charming Italian men can be.

more cowbell said...

Willym, I just want to say that I would so be willing to be a member of you guys' household staff. I work cheap.

Doralong said...

I'm with Cowbell- you boys need a live in cook and housekeeper for a while? Promise to dress properly sos not to distress the locals, really!

Enjoy the peace while you settle, because from what I gather from friends living in Rome, all hell really does break loose again come September.

Big Ass Belle said...

honey, i am so, so envious of you. i could have fit in a little crate. couldn't you have taken me? i could be your housegirl and you could scamper and play in italy while i toil at home.

the very idea of a country shutting down for weeks is absolutely delicious. it is 100% true that we are savages in the USA.

Willym said...

Damn three beautiful women offering to come and look after us! Now I'm going to have to get some trendy Italian designer to whip up a smart uniform for all my staff.

more cowbell said...

I could do a uniform for a life in Italy.