Thursday, January 27, 2011

Von Trapped!

The last time I was in Austria I bought myself a trachten suit - no not track suit trachten suit, you know the sort of thing Christopher Plummer wore when he played Captain Von Tapp.  And despite my initial feeling that it was a little bit like getting up for a road company of The Sound of Music  it turned out to be one of the most comfortable suits I've ever bought and the style suits me. And though it has occasioned the odd stare at La Scala and Teatro dell'Opera di Roma I will, charitably, put it down to petty Italian jealousy and the old Austro-Italian rivalry.

On our stopover in Innsbruck I saw a more casual jacket in a store window and thought I'd just try it on. Turns out it's perfect for the matinée concerts here in Salzburg - matinée in the old sense of the word being a late morning performance - particularly when paired with the new shirt and tie I had to buy to go with it.

And while in the shirt shop I just happened to spy a really great sweater made of Yak wool - and though I had sweaters with me I was perishing with the cold.  And when it was offered as a gift how could I refuse?????
Now I don't normally post photos of myself - as point of fact I don't normally allow photos taken of myself - but I just had to show off the cool Alpine green stitching on the sleeves, the elbow patches and that stag on the chest. And warm??? Like newly buttered toast!

27 gennaio - Sant'Angela Merici


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very nice, mein herr!

Anonymous said...

Edelweiss ... Edelweiss ... :P

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Anonymous said...

Oh captain, when did you start growing that beard? Now you look more like a professor :-)



my don't you look spiffy...and your the only person I know that has von trapp jacket..