Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marie Thérèse ......

Yesterday afternoon was spent visiting a palace outfitted by Empress Maria-Thérèse for her family and then by the Archduke Karl Ludwig as a stopover for the Empress Sissi.  It was truly spectacular in that Habsburg style of slightly over the top going for baroque.  Little did I think that when I checked into the Hotel Bristol in Salzburg that I would be inhabiting their world.

We've stayed at the Bristol twice before and have come to think of it as a bit of a home hotel - welcoming - more important remembering - staff, incredible service and beautiful rooms.  I had asked for a room on a slightly higher floor than we normal get, as this would probably be our last visit to Salzburg for a while.

This is the view: (a left click will enlarge it for a closer look)

From left to right - the Holensalzurg Castle, the bell tower of Saint Peter's,  the dome of the University Church, the Untesburg Mountain and the Monchsburg.  All covered with snow and looking quite magical - but it would be even better if the sun where shining - well maybe tomorrow.
And then we get to the room itself:

Okay we are desperately trying to live up to the room - this is beyond baroque! That little tent thing in the corner is actually the closet and there is another one in the other corner. I just don't think I should look in the mirrors behind the bed first thing in the morning!

But its the bathroom that has to be seen to be believed:

It must be at least 20 feet long by 25 feet wide and the ceilings in both rooms are at least 16 feet high. And that bathtub fits two ... or more! Again a cool little tent in the corner serves as a closet for bathrobes etc.

So being the brave little soldiers we are, we will try and live up to all this. I'm just not sure I have anything in my wardrobe that is quite baroque enough!

25 gennaio - Santi Gioentino e Massimino



Oh my Goddess..that's incredible..what a view and what a room...very very impressive.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! wonderful! amazing! I love it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...


David said...

Talking of Marie Therese, do you realise you're in Austria on the 100th anniversary of the first Rosenkavalier? Yes, I know, that was in Dresden, but you seem to be in the Marschallin's boudoir anyway... Hope you've ordered up a modist, a hairdresser and an Italian tenor for breakfast.