Sunday, January 02, 2011

The First HRH Video of 2011

The fighting around our house can get out of hand sometimes - no I don't meant Laurent and I, we don't fight we discuss - loudly! - I mean of course the Hounds from Hell. Here are Nick and Nora having one of their little daily spats after a game of Hide and Seek.

Just a word of warning there is one portion of this video where Nicky asserts his Italian masculinity and Nora registers her complete indifference much to his chagrin. He hasn't quite grasped the fact that she is totally uninterested and frankly, in true Italian fashion, doesn't understand why.

PS: In response to Uncle Pervy - no that first shot was not posed - stop and think for a minute about me trying to get them to sit still???? Wouldn't happen. She was actually sitting on top of him and he was quite oblivious to it all.

PPS: YDG - that is Nora doing the barking and growling - she's the hunter in the family. Her baying when she see a cat would scare the hell out of anything she was tracking.

02 gennaio - San Gregorio Nazianzeno


Blake said...

Thank you. I have a feeling the beginning was setup by the cinematographer. Loved the captions but missed the spoken script of other GPV's. The only spoken audio I heard was "Hey" but missed the "Reste tranquille". Thank you again. Uncle Purvy. PS. I closed my eyes for the "not for sensitive eyes part". Ha.


I was cracking up laughing..I love nick's growl/ funny..and thanks for the laughs..just so funny

lynette said...

Love this. What sweet little babies! I have a video somewhere of Billy and Boo wrestling. Have to dig that out. What would life be like without our little ones?