Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Flowers That Bloom In The ... Ah


After years of struggling with the growing seasons in Ottawa I am still surprised here when I see things in bloom in January.  Last Thursday on a sunny but cold (yes I know for my faithful reader living in Ottawa +8 is not cold but it has been getting down to -2 at night!) afternoon I took a stroll through the grounds of Villa Torlonia to see how the work on the Teatro and Moorish kiosk was progressing - slowly I might add.  As I passed one of the lawns that is studded with camellia bushes I wasn't expecting to see these lovely blossoms

Given their sunny and protected location, the amount of rain we've had this year and the fact that they are evergreens I really shouldn't have been surprised.


16 gennaio - Sant'Onorato di Arles

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful! Nothing's blooming here in Edmonton except icicles.


oh they are so beautiful..nothing here..they dug up everything in construction and nothing is green or a flower blooming.sigh*

yvette said...

It seems Roma is warmer than the foot of the Luberon. What a beauty! Thank you so much for your amitié dans ce merveilleux récit des "dragées"!
Le jasmin pour la Tunisie devrait fleurir !