Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World AIDS Day 2010 - Part II

I have referred to Roberto Bole occasionally in postings both as a great dancer and as a sex symbol and though he is both those things he is decidedly more than that. Back in 1999 at a Gala here at Rome's Teatro dell'Opera he was appointed a UNICEF Ambassador with the special task of raising awareness of the problems of the young.  It is a role he has taken seriously especially with the rising problem of children in Africa born with AIDS or left orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

I was particularly taken by this photo that appeared recently on my friend Opera Chic's blog along with a post on Bolle's recent trip to Central Africa.

When I saw this picture I thought of all the people who preach that AIDS is God's punishment and thought: what has this child done that deserves any sort of punishment particularly this dreadful disease?

01 decembre - La giornata mondiale contro l'AIDS

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David said...

The man is a saint as well as a God - I haven't yet heard if he has any kind of fault or flaw, though I suppose there must be Always Some Defect...