Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Claus Comes to Town - VI

And finally the big moment was here!

Preceded by a band playing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" non-stop the entire length of the parade route the Man himself arrived. Though by the '50s he was in the traditional sleigh with reindeer in other years he had arrived by train, wagon and for some reason one year on a gigantic silver fish!!!

Santa's identity was a well-guarded secret but there was always a second one just in case. The "fill-in" Santa would be in a car with blacked out windows that followed the parade at a discreet distance - just in case!

Many in the crowds would follow him up to Toyland where secret (and not so secret) wishes would be whispered in his ear. But in our house we went off to Diana Sweets for lunch and since we were downtown a movie at either the majestic Loews or Imperial theatres. The visit to Toyland was always reserved for a later day when little spirits were a bit less excitable.

21 decembre - San Pietro Canisio


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Silver fish? Doesn't sound very kosher to me!

Anonymous said...

These blogs have so brought back my childhood memories. (Toronto, Diana Sweets, Eatons, Loew's and Imperial Theatres, Toyland (Both Simpson's or Eaton's - we always went to Simpsons). Do any of them still exist?


C said...

I remember watching these parades from the arched windows of the University Avenue Armouries. The parade used to come down University Ave in order to pass in front of the Hospital for Sick Children. Apparently, Vicki was nearby with a different regiment!