Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Claus Comes to Town - IV

Eaton's Department Store held its first Santa Claus Parade in 1905 in Toronto. The Parade was so successful that in 1909 the company decided to stage a similar parade in Winnipeg.
I was one of those kids who thought that giant caterpillar was a monster - I hated creepy, crawly things. I was quite content on year's when it didn't make an appearance.

The small hand-pulled tableau wagons were a good way to recycle paper-mâché figures from previous large floats. Some of them were animated by gear works attached to the wheels.

In 1965 when Eaton's abandoned the Winnipeg Parade because of rising cost and declining profits it was taken over first by the Winnipeg Firefighters and then as a combined effort by various civic groups. This year's parade celebrated 101 continuous years of welcoming Santa to Winnipeg.

16 decembre - Sant'Albina

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Here in Edmonton, the Santa Clause parade is held INDOORS! The parade winds its way through all the elevated pedways and walkways downtown and through the downtown mall as well. It's a popular parade because you can stay warm while watching it!