Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dolci in Bologna

I'm not sure that anyone can beat Italians for window dressing - its all about La bella figura - eye appeal - how does it look? And be it a small shop selling vegetables or a designer shop flogging this month's fashion most merchants treat displaying their wares as an art. And like most art sometimes it goes a bit over the top.

Take as an example these two displays viewed this past weekend in Bologna.

Dolci Sweet

We had gingerbread houses when I was a kid but these one's fashioned at Colazione da Bianca beat them hands down. Ours were very Hansel and Gretel country cottage - their's are the elegant Palazzi around their shop on Via San Stefano. How Italian is that?

And if the gingerbread doesn't tempt then maybe the boxes of truffles, torte and mille foglie surrounding them will bring you in to get that Sunday pranzo dolci.

Dolci Silly

Truffles - or rather the packaging for truffles - feature prominently in this display for dolci of a different sort. It took a minute or two to figure out what these mannequins had on their heads.

The silver and gold boxes, wrapping and trays for the delicious chocolaty delights that fill the confectioneries here year round but especially at Christmas make for interesting headgear.

And of course no one who wants to fit into any of these dresses would even think of consuming one truffle let alone the number needed to empty those boxes and trays!

07 decembre - Sant'Ambrogio
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