Monday, July 05, 2010

Help - We'll Listen

I was both surprised and pleased to see these posters on the wall of a school that's on my route to work. Though regular school is out there are summer classes going on. Its all part of a new campaign by the GayHelpLine here in Italy.

This set of posters addresses communication between parents and gay children. The HelpLine makes the point that it is there for either parents who know their children are gay but can't talk to them about it or the gay person who can't talk to their parents. If you can't talk to them then talk to us.

The campaign also has a video component - though I am seriously wondering what venues it will be seen on.

Still an effective piece of - particularly as it includes the father which the poster campaign doesn't. But I am happy to see that it aims at peer groups as well as the family.

And if it helps one gay man or woman then it has done its job.

05 luglio - Sant'Antonio Maria Zaccaria


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Helplines like these are lifelines for many people.


anything that gets help to the kids and educates the families..

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