Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bonne fête Canada! Happy Birthday Canada!

Nicky and Nora are really not all the impressed about the fact that they will one day be Canadians - I guess they've heard a bit too much about that immigration process. Nicky has stated he will not marry a Canadian just so he can enter as a Family Class applicant!

Joking aside today my country turns 143 years old - young by European standards (though Italy is only 149 years old this year - next year is the big 150!) but its a country that reached maturity quickly. I am proud to be a Canadian despite the problems and concerns I read about daily. Despite the fact that it is not the country I once knew it is still my country and I love it with all my heart and soul no matter where I may be.

Last night was spent with our friends at the Canadian Club of Rome - a group of Canadians, Italians and friends of Canadians who "live, love and laugh in Rome". Tonight its a BBQ with more Canadian friends. Sadly there is nothing "official" happening as budget cuts have meant that there just isn't money for such frivolous things as celebrating our national day! Though I find it odd that countries receiving financial aid from Canada seem to be able to have big, elaborate National Days. I must get someone to explain that to me one day.

So tonight's celebration will be small, homespun and nothing elaborate - but maybe that is the way to celebrate our nationhood. With friends, good food, a beer or glass of wine and conversation. And who knows maybe a few fireworks.

As we blow out the birthday candles I am going to make a few wishes for my country. And then with all the breath I can manage make sure I blow out all the candles so those wishes come true.

For Canada I wish:
  • continued prosperity and peace
  • a safe and soon return of our troops from their "peace keeping" mission in Afghanistan
  • that if this "peace keeping" mission must continue then that there be no more bodies loaded onto airplanes in Kandahar - dead soldiers who are then ignored by a government to cowardly to admit that those deaths are senseless
  • for a government of politicians who are more interested in the common good of our country and less in their pensions, personal greed and desire to be reelected
Sadly though in my heart I make those wishes I have become cynical enough in the past few years to know in my head that they are only that - wishes!

But maybe today is a time for putting aside cynical thoughts and thinking of all the wonderful of positive things about being a Canadian. Simply celebrating with friends and saying Happy Canada Day!

01 luglio - Canada Day


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Canada Day! Enjoy the BBQ!


Goddess bless all my canaderian friends...and their doggies and kitties

Blake said...

Happy Canada Day a day late. Thank you for thinking of us HFH groupies. It is always great to see pictures of the hounds no matter what the occasion. My wishes for Canada are similar to yours but like you I am skeptical. Hope you had enough breath to blow out all the candles. Canada needs all the help it can get. Uncle Pervy.
PS Now they are using serve words "crist" for the word verification.