Friday, October 30, 2009


Okay that whole thing about the seeds in a kaki predicting what the upcoming winter will be like!!!!! What sort of nonsense is that? I mean I sliced open one of the seeds and found:

Where's the spoons? the forks? the knifes? This is some sort of cruel joke right? Its like those videos on YouTube that are not available in my region? One of those ethnocentric things that applies only to North American persimmons?

Damn now I won't know if I should buy a snow shovel or just a warmer coat!!!

30 ottobre - San Marcello di Tangeri


sageweb said...

Looks to me like you should by a speedo..summer is coming early.


more kaki...

Sling said...

I see spoons..Oh,..wait..that's my cereal bowl.