Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Gaul!

Fifty years ago today the world was introduced to a little guy with blond hair, a big droopy moustache and horns. He, his best friend Obélix, Idefix the dog and the villagers of a small town in Armorica began outwitting Romans - amongst others - October 29, 1959.

I first encountered Astérix le petit Gaulois in French class and I can't imagine a better way to learn a language.

Joyeux anniversaire Astérix, Obélix et toutes le gang!

29 ottobre - Sant'Ermelinada



my french grandma on my mama's side of the family would be bonjouire ya'll.

Sling said...

I've never heard of this character,but if it makes you happy,it makes me happy.
Joyeux Anniversaire!..

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I loved Asterix as a kid. My brothers, who went to French school, had them. I didn't understand everything, but I poured over them anyway!

more cowbell said...

Weird ... I am at this moment sitting here watching cartoons in Spanish. "Los Pies Mágicos de Franny" to be exact. If there's a Spanish version of this guy, let me know.

I took 4yrs of high school French, but, of course the way we teach languages here in the US sucks ass, so it didn't do me much good. It was enough that for the years I lived on the German side of the French border, I could get along whenever we took day trips over, but I couldn't actually converse.