Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello Google? Hello Blooger? Hello Anyone?

For the past few weeks I have been experiencing a real problem with Blogger and tags. When I try to add tags I get: Error message bX-q8mnbv and everything I have done wipes out. The apparent problem is that you can only have 2000 tags per blog and only 20 per posting.

Well now there really is no way of knowing how many tags I have other than counting each individually - you know down the left hand side there, just scrolling down and doing the old 1... 2... 3... 500... 595... etc etc. I'm pretty sure I don't have 2000 but you never know but I know I have never put more than five or six tags on a post.

It is getting pretty frustrating. And even more frustrating is the fact that Blogger has not responded to the 41 error reports that are recorded on the Error Message bX-q8mnbv Help Page. Actually I lie, someone said two weeks ago that it was being looked into and they would get back to us soon. Now I know in the airline business we often said "soon" in answer to the question: When will the plane be boarding? And in that case "soon" could be anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 hours. So maybe Goggle-Blogger runs on airline time.

In the meantime I, and quite a few others, are getting just a bit frazzled. I mean would it hurt the people at Google to at least tell us to go screw ourselves if they are planning on doing nothing about the situation. Or at least tell us that we have to cut down our tag list and do more with less? But no, nothing. And I notice it hasn't even made it to the known issue section - so obviously for someone there it isn't an issue, just for the user.

So if someone at Google should happen to read this - could you at least send me an e-mail saying: Hello, Go to Hell or better yet Here's the solution to the problem.

18 ottobre - its not but it should be San Jude - the saint of hopeless causes!



I've been trying to down load pictures for stumbles monday all day and so far i've gotten about 12 of them...keep getting there was a problem with downloading try again..bastids..
blogspot is becoming like blogger the one i was at 5 years ago and left because they were so scrwed up and wouldn't let me cuss..i got thrown off and my last post was adios motherfuckers..maybe that's what is needed here..eveyone and i mean everyone on blogspot not to blog for like 3 days and see how they like it..

Sling said...

The very brilliant person that first introduced me to computers,(I'm talkin Windows 3.1),had the perfect explanation for all the glitches that inevitably occurred..'It's not an exact science!'..
Now,..if I can just figure out why I get booted from the internet whenever our wireless phone rings..

Doralong said...

Probably the same evil gremlin that reformatted my blog while I wasn't looking and refuses to cooperate with any efforts to rectify it.

sageweb said...

That google..they will rule the world one day.

J. Marcher said...

Not to mention the new editor doesn't have a spellcheck function! I had to revert to the old one and have considered moving to wordpress but that's very non-intuitive for me.

Anonymous said...

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