Thursday, October 01, 2009

Latin Lovers ... Continued

Continuing our - unintentional - series on the romance of Italy and Roma, here's a little e-mail I got from my friend Germgrude - not her real name. She found her Latin Lover in Canada, married him and move to Rome to start a family and a life of romance and adventure. She thought she'd tell me how things went yesterday.
Yesterday, after being up at 5:15, cooking spinach and burgers (yuk!) and putting them in Traditional Italian lunch baskets for the kids, I worked my day serving clients who won't or can't fill out forms, fulfilled my need for usefulness by responding to idiotic e-mails ("I would like to invite my mother to assist in my three-month delivery of a child....."), stayed an extra half hour to compensate for time lost in the morning cause there was no parking, GOT A FINE of 38 Euros for parking in a metered area without paying for parking ( I had 5 bucks paper money but the machine didn't take it so I left, afraid to be late for work). Oh, and why did I not have the change, you ask? Cause I had already been to gas up at 6:45 a.m. and gave the guy who put air in my tires a tip...therefore using up my meter-money!

THEN, to put the cherry on the cake, I went grocery shopping, where all of Rome was shopping WITH me. Deciding to patiently wait in the line-up of a cash, I carefully calculated who in the messy line-up was there before me to maintain a certain elegance and composure (a sign of civility and human understanding in a sea of confusion). THEN, the cash immediately in front of me opened with an announcement, a woman from the left DOVE in front of me, declaring she was first, blocked off all the people and pulled in some guy behind me. Then a pregnant woman anounced that the cash opened to give her precedence (an Italian custom: respect a woman until she births then run her over if you see her again!). The woman told the pregnant Madonna SHE could pass, as she held back the crowds...and I muttered that actually I had been waiting, there, which fell on everyone's deaf ears.

Finally, after all were served and my things were placed on the cash, with the meaningful German order that my father instilled in me (cold things together, heavy stuff under, fragile at the end), I waited and waited as wacko proceeded to tell the bewildered cashier about her preceding unhappy experience with a RUDE cashier, bringing on the important presence of the HEAD CASHIER! After all was settled and wacko got a freebie, I was served. I was glad to see the understated polite presence of my Bangladeshi illegal, who always comes to help (furthering my lack of change for tomorrow, but what the hell, I figured I'd live high and change a fifty!).

Finally I reached my destination: the Hearth. There they were: impressive specimen of the Italian species I bagged and precious offspring. The house was a mess ...and they all wanted to go for a bike ride with Daddy! So off they went, leaving me to eat my satisfying ham sandwich and sipping my grappa...after all, the frozen stuff was put away by my loving hubby......

Then, finally (after putting the kids to sleep and performing massages), I could put away the groceries in peace (only 6 bags) and clean up the kitchen, leaving the lovely Italian baskets in perfect German order on the clean dining room table....awaiting this morning's fish and carrot sticks! I fell into bed unable to remember my name but strong in my faith that I probably have a great purpose in life....and if I die in my sleep, it's not so bad, cause I'm ready.
...but today went off without a hitch. I left a bit earlier and although free parking was not an option, I had changed my fifty and had change. Only thing is after I paid, I realized that I'm only covered till 4p.m. although I work till 5, but hey, I came to Rome for adventure, right?....and somehow I know that it's just around the corner......

And I repeat anyone that tells me about the "romance of Rome" gets that good solid bitch slap!

01 ottobre - Santa Teresa di Lisieux



gee, who woulda thunk west, texas would be a nicer place to shop that rome?

Doralong said...

There uncanny parallels that are all too familiar to me.