Thursday, October 23, 2008


No I'm not talking anything I should be quarantined for! Its just that my blog posting - other than stuff I put up to be posted at a certain time - and blog reading is going to be a bit spotty over the next few days. I'm on a five day glut of opera going in the North - Torino, Genova and Parma.

That wouldn't normally stop me but... I left packing until last thing and forgot a few things including the power cable for my laptop. Unfortunately its a Dell - I can just hear my MAC friends clucking their collective tongues now - and try as they might the nice guys at Computerland on Via Principe Amedei couldn't find a North Dell cable adapter even on their Universal connector. Damn Dell!

Anyway I should get back to regular posting next week including a bit about the operas - yes I know Sage, you can hardly wait!

Baci a tutti

23 ottobre - San Giovanni da Capestrano


sageweb said...

I love the opera stuff! It makes me a very cultured lesbian..maybe one day I should go to an opera.

Parsifal said...

Well, I can't wait!

Sling said...

Anything that helps Sage become a more cultured lesbian,benefits us all..Have fun buddy!

Elizabeth said...

Have a blast!