Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mercoledi Musicale

Last week the opera season opened here and we were treated to the rarely performed Amica by Pietro Mascagni. When operas are rarely performed there is often a very good reason - they aren't worth performing. I love to say that Amica was the exception but sadly not. When the intermission last longer than the second act and when the heroine throws herself off a mountain top and you don't give a damn then there is a problem.

However being Mascagni there was a really nice orchestral introduction to Act II and the full stage of the Teatro was used to project the lovers escape into the mountains. As stage craft it was the high point of the evening.

Perhaps he should have written music for travelogues?????

22 ottobre - Santa Maria Salome


sageweb said...

I liked the music. The video behind it was very fitting..until the lady started singing.

evilganome said...

I sympathize. I went to see "Der Freischutz" last night. While Van Weber's music and the singing were wonderful, the plot had holes you could drive a truck through and I could not have cared less about Max or Kuno or any of the other characters by the end. However the music was gorgeous and there was a very talented cast singing. Also the baritone singing both Samiel and the Hermit was HOT.

Willym said...

Sage: Funny I felt the same way!

EG: You're one up on me and most of the opera fans I know - they don't do Freischutz all that often. Well now I must admit the bartione singing the profligate brother in Amica was a pretty hot number. What is it with baritones???? I have a feeling that's why the heroine threw herself off the cliff - she knew if she stuck around she'd end up with another mealy-mouthed tenor!