Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mercledi Musicale

Last week another legendary performer left us - Edie Adams, a wonderfully talented singer, actress and comedienne died at the age of 81. This clip from one of the last I Love Lucy shows has to be simply one of the loveliest moments in television.

And Laurent, welcome home honey.

29 ottobre - Sant'Ermelinda


sageweb said...

Wow she is pretty and what a great voice.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. What else did she do?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice.

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Willym said...

DF: She was a well known Broadway musical comedy performer: Wonderful Town with Rosalind Russell, L'il Abner as Daisy Mae and on TV the fairy godmother in the first Rogers and Hamerstein Cinderella. She was married to Ernie Kovacs and appeared frequently on TV and in films. A great performer and by all accounts a warm wonderful person.

Sling said...

That really was beautiful!
And welcome home Laurent.