Monday, October 20, 2008

Lunedi Lunacy

Though North America has been hard hit by the recent financial crisis, sadly some grand old institutions in Europe have also suffered the economic after effects.

Fries with that
Will one be wanting fries with that?

Thanks to my friend Naomi for a early Monday morning laugh.

20 ottobre - Santa Maria Bertilla Boscardin


Anonymous said...

ur sucha nutter Willy! i like your monday sense of humor though.

hah! the beloved QUEEN with Mc Deez - now that's global effect as a result of the financial crisis in North Am. I'm sure the Brits will protest and save the QUEEN!


sageweb said...

How funny...wonder if Chuck is in the back flippin burgers?

Anonymous said...

Hullo William,

I dunno if you or your friends have seen this ... it's kinda funny ... :)


David Smith
2 dogs

Speck said...

Ohhh! Doesn't Lizzie call them 'chips'??? Wonder if she would get me a cuppa Joe to go along.

more cowbell said...

I'm not laughing, as I don't want to end up in her loafers...

yvette said...

Ah! I have just discovered this '
jewel' of a post!!! You are really gifted! A real pleasure to follow you!