Sunday, December 06, 2009


With the 45th anniversary of the day I reached legal drinking age in Ontario coming up I guess I've become a bit obsessed with numbers. That and the rather startling fact that according to Blogger this is the 1000 post I've put up since I started this blog on November 12, 2006. That means that for over 3 years now I've been subjecting the world to my bad spelling, copy editing, curmudgeonly musings and out of focus photos - Blog spot has a great deal to answer for.

A few more fascinating (?)numbers:

First entry was 1126 days ago:

Which means in the past three years there has been at least 126 days when I've posted nothing. Taking in to consideration that extended period when we first moved to Roma and didn't have Internet, time off in the hospital, blogger's block and just nothing to say and the good sense not to say it, I guess that's not a bad average.

32 drafts

Like my friend Sling I have a backlog of posts that all seemed a good idea at the time. They range from rants about the traffic in Roma to opera, ballet and concert reviews to a few personal observations about life in general (no doubt under influence of that brown liquor Sling favours); and photos - lots and lots of photos in fact a hard drive of photos. I really must go through them some day and maybe even finish off a few of those drafts. Anyone want to hear about an opera performed on a gigantic bisected diaphragm three months ago?

53,746 Visits

According to the Google Analytics plug in thingy that's how many times people have stopped by - that includes family and friends forced to because they were worried I was talking about them; people googling boxing and ending up on my page devoted to a bronze piece in Museo Massimo (Surprise!!!!); someone Googling teabag and ... well lets just leave that one alone.

148 Countries

Those visitors have come from all over the world - or at least their servers have - with the U.S. leading the group; I really must speak to some of my friends in Canada about loyalty. Vanuatu was amongst the more exotic with only 1 visit and that was long after Dan and Cam had moved back to Vancouver.

130 Visits

That was the most visits I've ever had in one day on July 21st of this year. Not sure why. The only thing posted that day was a video from Happy Feet. But then why not it was a fun little video!

Search Keywords

People have used keywords like: Roberto Bolle naked - I only wish!!!!; faggots - only to find a recipe for a disgusting dish using pigs innards but a very good onion gravy; and the most popular is past tense of fly which only leads to an article about catching the flu on a flight (get it "fly-flew-flu" god I can be witty, or at least half-so).


That was the most any one post received and that was back when I first introduced the Hounds from Hell. Just goes to prove that animals and sex sell. Guess my readers go for the animals more than the sex! And DF, Uncle Pervy, Dora - I am working on an new GPV - honestly!

1:05 Minutes

The average time spent by a visitor on the site. Not sure how that works out but it may mean the average person doesn't bother with the text - so much for copy editing - and just looks at the photos. Or it could just be those disappointed people who leave the minute Roberto Bolle doesn't show up naked - as indeed would I.


And that would be the number of friends I've made over the past three years through my blog and blogging. I won't start to list because I know I'd forget someone but each one has let me into their lives and shared so much with me and for that I don't have the right number of words to say thank you.

I'm sure that the Google Analytics could show me all sorts of other fascinating numbers, trends and patterns but they are after all only numbers. And as we know numbers can be manipulated to mean anything. Now that 45 number plus 18 number I mentioned at the beginning - that one's disturbing. And try as I might I just can't fiddle with it. Oh well its just a number!

07 decembre - Sant'Ambrogio


Blake said...

We Canadians are so (oh dear because of my big number I can't remember the word I want to use). I strongly disagree that your "...bad spelling, copy editing, curmudgeonly musings and out of focus photos..." is valid. The opposite is true. Your good spelling, copy editing, interesting and educational musings and in focus fabulous pictures are wonderful to behold. Oh, I just remembered the word and looked it up in to make sure I am using it correctly - self-deprecating.
I can't tell you how excited I am to hear that there is another GPV in the works. Thank you.
What is this word verification thingy now. Would you believe that my word is "humper". Uncle Pervy.

Willym said...

Uncle Pervy: You see it recognized your nickname and gave the appropriate word!

sageweb said...

Wow that was interesting..I was thinking that I have been reading you for over a year..maybe two..I am not good with numbers.

Willym said...

Sage: Wait a minute! Not good with numbers? I thought you were in aeronautics!!!!! And what I'm waiting for is your flight arrival number when you come to Roma!

Anonymous said...

The age was 18 back then? In '71 it dropped down from 21 to 18 and awhile later it went back up to 19. Thought it was always 21.


congratulations...I wish I had been there from the beginning, but I'm here now..ha

Sling said...

WOO HOO!..Happy 45th anniversary of legal drinking age!
It doesn't surprise me that The U.S. tops the list of your most devoted fans.
I've been enjoying your posts almost from the beginning.

yvette said...

I met you (sounds funny!) through Opera chic and now reading you is part
of my normal day reading, and wondering where this time I will go in Rome or elsewhere following your steps! And reading your friends'blogs as well. So that builds a real large 'family' !