Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drivers of ....

My friend Daryl, who lives in Belgrade started this on facebook with the following comment:

Drivers of Serbia! They're called "winter tires" for a reason!

Since the following have been added by friends around the world:

Drivers of Poland! Drinking and driving is illegal for many reasons! - Gavin

Drivers of Italy! The rules do apply to you! - Willym

Drivers of England! It's called a 'passing' lane for a reason! - Lillian

Drivers of Paris! Those moving targets? They're actually people. - Wanda

Drivers of New York! Get the f..k outta my way. - Joe

Drivers of Ottawa! Turn signals were not installed as an option. - Laurent

Anything you'd like to say to drivers in your city? Country?

17 decembre - San Giovanni de Matha


Doralong said...

The brits call them INDICATORS for a reason.


drivers of texas put down the beer and quit shoot at quail out of the window.
all wrecks in texas are started by this saying"hold my beer and look at this shit"...

sageweb said...

Hahaha those are all good...YDG comment cracked me up

evilganome said...

Drivers of Boston. Stop signs are not merely a suggestion!