Thursday, December 31, 2009

As The Old Year Fades

I cannot say that 2009 is a year I regret to see fading away. It has been a difficult one in so many ways with personal and family illnesses, the lose of close friends, tensions and problems on the home and work front and more than a share of life's little dramas.

But it has also been a year that has had its rewards, chief amongst them the fact that: I got through the past 365 days pretty much intact; Laurent and I are still together and are living a good if at times frustrating life in Rome; I have some wonderful friends here and throughout the world; and I now have two little creatures to help (?) me with the blog - please ignore the smart blogging wear, it was early or maybe late I don't honestly remember.

So as we leave, what the press has been calling the naughts, and head for the teens, I am counting my blessings, tallying up the positives and allowing that perennial bitch Hope to spring eternal. So I'm going to put a sock in it and stop whining about the past year and looking forward to new reasons to whinge and whine in 2010.

To all my friends everywhere:

Happy New Year
Bonne Année

Buon Capodanno

31 decembre - San Silvestro


sageweb said...

Happy new year!

yvette said...

Bonne Année à vous quatre!


scretch the doggies behind the ears slap a big kiss on your sweety's cheek for me and hug yourself from me..happy new year, 2009 can't be all bad when i made you as a new friend

evilganome said...

Happy New Year to you, Laurent and the wee beasties! Please accept my fervent wish the 2010 is a huge improvement over last year.

Doralong said...

May the coming year bring nothing but the best to you and yours dear heart!! He's looking a better kinder year for us all.

Blake said...

Happy New Year to you, Laurent and the HFH. I know I am reading your blog many days after the New Year but better late than never. May 2010 for all of you be happy, healthy and properous. Love and hugs. Uncle Pervy