Friday, October 29, 2010


My good friend Cathy mentioned very briefly the other day that I have been slightly remiss in postings lately. And as the end of October roles around I must admit that I've been less than prolific in much other than posting other people's videos.

My only excuse is that I was entertaining a guest during the middle of the month but that is more an excuse than a reason. And its not if though I haven't had several ideas - in fact the number of drafts begun and left unfinished is mounting. And its not if though I haven't been doing things - Parma for the opera, the Santa Cecilia season has started and things are humming along.

So time for some regrouping, time to get these fingers on the keyboard again, comment on the things around me and even use the much hated Photoshop Elements - they did not believe me take the best of Photoshop and make it accessible to the average user but lets not go there - and the slightly more friendly iMovie to highlight a few of the things that I've enjoyed or hated over the past few weeks. Though looking at a few of those drafts I should maybe say past few months!

*Missing In Blogging

29 ottobre - Sant'Ermelinda

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back in action. Look forward to reading all those blogs waiting in the draft pile.