Thursday, October 14, 2010

Job's Wife

Back in July my friend Elizabeth wrote a startling and moving poem on the old Biblical tale of Job and the Trials visited on him (Left is one of Gustave Doré's illustrations to the story). But she wrote it from the point of view of his wife; when I read her The Book of Job's Wife I was stunned by the shear emotion of it. Perhaps knowing some of her background gave it special resonance but even without that it is an highly charged cry of a wounded soul whose lose has been ignored in the telling of the tale.

I was then a little surprised to find that almost three months later she received a comment on it from someone who, to my mind at least, is an ignorant, self-righteous coward. Ignorant in their lack of knowledge of the book they brandish in people's faces, self-righteous in their judgment and too cowardly to sign their name. Fortunately Elizabeth was not at a loss for words in her response. The sad thing is that who ever it is that wrote the comment will probably never read it - people like that tend, in the tradition of cowards, to be hit and run.

Bravo my darling Elizabeth on a remarkable piece of work and a thoughtful and honest reply to someone who knows little of the true love of God.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'd love to read her poem! No doubt about it, Job's wife was unconsidered and ignored "collateral damage" in that myth -- the miseries and torments inflicted on Job impacted her just as much but no thought or concern is ever expressed about that.

Willym said...

Hi Debra
Hopefully you clicked on the link and did get a chance to read it - a wonderful piece of work.

David said...

And thank you for introducing me to a remarkable woman - more instance of the good, rather than the stupidity, that blogs can achieve.

Doralong said...

And as always, an excellent response from our Dear Elizabeth.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Jeez, how clueless am I? I missed the link! So I clicked on it now and read the poem. Stunning, absolutely stunning. And right on.