Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Wonder As I Wander

Rome is a city where you find yourself constantly looking up at the wonderful architecture and down to avoid stepping in doggie do - which will be the subject of a rant for another day - either way you are often confronted by strange sights that set you to wondering.
And I am wondering what these perfectly good pair - and notice they are a matched pair - of shoes was doing on the sidewalk on Via Mazzarino at three in the afternoon? There appeared to be nothing wrong with them - the heels were fine, straps intact and they even looked to be clean and recently polished. So why were they left there? It almost looks like some one had simple stepped out of them. And it did lead to a very bad Italian pun - Suole Abbandonate!

16 ottobre - San Gerardo Maiella


Doralong said...

Oh dear, the poor abandoned slingbacks!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm imagining her tipsy and happy walking home at dawn, and kicking off her shoes. Now she's probably kicking herself because they're nice shoes!