Monday, September 21, 2009

Lunedi Lunacy

Okay we know it was done with some sort of imaging programme but its still funny.

Thanks to my old colleague Marc for this one.

21 settembre - San Matteo aspostolo ed evangelista


David said...

I remember when this Cadbury's ad first came on the telly, and I so wanted my partner to see it. It didn't reappear, at least when we were watching, for weeks, and then cropped up incessantly. IS it imaging or do you think these FLKs (doctors' shorthand for 'funny looking kids') have talent?

evilganome said...

That was very funny. Thanks for giving my my Monday a.m. chuckle.

sageweb said...

Hahah this is very cool


reminds me of the kids in village of the dammned