Wednesday, September 09, 2009

All Blocked Up!

No its not what you think! Honestly some of you - and you know who you are!

This there anything that Calvin and Hobbes don't have the answer to?

Apparently Blogger's Blog is just a case of laziness - I'll buy that! I have at least five things in the works, I do, really I do - I wouldn't lie to you, well I would but only about the unimportant things.

But just so Dora and DF know - no this isn't like this time last year when I stopped blogging because I was in the hospital - I'm around, hale and relatively hardy for a man my age. But I'm back at work for a while, trying to train the hounds from hell - who are fine by the way and I do have a Nicky and Nora Note on the way - and working on the translations for Ballet2000. And I had a few things written in the new Blogger Editor which then disappeared - sorry guys but it's a piece o'crap.

All that to say I will return as soon as I get the colander set up; but damn him Laurent keeps taking it to drain pasta!

09 settembre - San Pietro Claver Corberó

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my son thom when he was little always said 'im going to go put on my thinking shoes'....maybe that's what you need.

yvette said...

Hi! this is fun!
I guess you need a change, euh ... a rest, well both!

Sling said...

Do like I do,and drink buttloads of whiskey before you blog.
It's always a surprise to discover what you've written the next day!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I feel your pain!!!!! I've been having the hardest time blogging this summer! I keep hoping it will fade away once I have some time to myself. Hmmm.... now where is that colander?