Friday, September 11, 2009

Guys Never Make Passes...

At men who wear glasses!
with apologies to Dorothy Parker.
On-going Conversation between me and my Napolitano friend Marco:
6 months ago:
Me: I need new glasses, I think I'll do that next week.
Marco: ....
5 months ago:
Marco: Do you have your new glasses yet?
Me: No but I will see about them next week.
4 months ago:
Marco: Do you have your new glasses yet?
Me: No but I'll see about them next week.
3 months ago:
Marco: Do you have your new glasses yet?
Me: No but I'll see about them in a week or so.
Last week:
Marco: Do you have your new glasses yet?
Me: No I need to go with someone who speaks Italian but I'll see about ....
Marco: No, we will see about them next Wednesday. Meet me at Piazza Regina Margherita at 1745.
Tuesday Night:
Marco: Tomorrow we will get your glasses.
Me: Yes I'll meet you after work.
Marco: You should have your hair cut and make sure you shave!
Me: ???????
Marco: And wear a nice dark blue suit.
Me: I'll wear my tuxedo.
Marco: You are a silly man. You must look your best when you are choosing glasses, its very important.
So this past Wednesday I met Marco at the appointed place and the appointed hour - I did not have time to get my hair cut but I had shaved, was wearing a blue dress shirt and had actually remembered to bring my prescription. We went into a few Optica in my neighborhood.

I tried on a pair of frames and noticed that Marco had that look on his face that you give people who order a cappuccino after noon hour. "Do you really intended to look like an old professor?" he asked rather pointedly. I put them down sheepishly and reached for the next pair and returned them to the counter very quickly when I saw that look! I tried several more sportier, lighter frames and found a great pair of Rayban - blue tinged, light and studious without being antique professor. The look on Marco's face told me he approved. Then he asked all those questions in Italian that I would never have been able to - guarantee, types of lens etc.

At the next store I knew better than to even consider the "professor" frames and went straight for the more sporty ones finally settling on a pair of thin Adidas specs. And again they got the Marco look of approval. More discussion with the oculist about guarantees, lens etc.
I wasn't able to find a photo of the RayBan but here are the Adidas.

But which did I prefer. They were both nice but different. And a pair of glasses is a big investment here. Again good solid Napolitano logic came into play.

Marco: You must go home and think about it. And tomorrow come back with Laurent, he is the one who has to look at you all the time.

Good advise, so I went home and thought about it, took Laurent back the next day and made my decision. Marco agreed wholeheartedly with my choice. In 10 days time I should no longer look like a "professor".

11 settembre - San Ramiro

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Anonymous said...

aw, william ...

you shoulda got the deirdre rachid "bay window" frames! those are classic!!!



2 dogs

David Smith


every one should have a friend like marco

yvette said...

' he is the one who has to look at you all the time'
Gosh! what a selfish person I am...
never thought of that very mportant point before.

michelle | bleeding espresso said...

I need Marco! I've been putting off getting new glasses for, oh, five years or so....

Congrats on yours; it *is* a big investment!

Doralong said...

Thank you Marco for dragging him out and making him get a proper pair. Well done. We await pictures...

AMOROMA said...

I cannot wait to see you in your sporty frames! Ciao, Lorenzo

more cowbell said...

Excellent! And of course, we must have photos.