Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pesce d’Aprile

Okay the penguin documentary - it was an April Fool's joke perpetrated by that mother of all April foolers - the BEB. Yes once again the stolid old, solid old BBC has pulled our leg - much as they did several years back with the Spaghetti Harvest. Fool us once shame on you, etc etc etc.

But its now after noon here in Italy and over at Italian Notebook, our friend GB has a more serious note on some restoration being attempted at one of the iconic sites in Roma. Its a shame for Holy Week but the sight of scaffolding and tarping has become quite common here - the Vittorio Emanuale monument has been under wraps since we arrived almost two years ago. Hopefully this newest project will bring a sparkle to the skyline.

01 aprile - Sant'Ugo di Grenoble


Doralong said...

Now that one really had me going for a second.

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