Friday, April 24, 2009


This appears to be a week of homecomings around here. After 10 very busy days in Montreal Laurent arrived home last Sunday. I came home from a brief hospital stay earlier today and today is also homecoming day for Nick and Nora, the latest additions to our household.

We've been using Raising Spot, a great little site, to refresh our memories on how to handle a new puppy - or as in this case two new puppies. Its been a long time since we've heard the patter of tiny paws on the carpets - correction they've all been lifted, make that the marble, which Aileen has been told not to wax. From the looks of it we may be in for a few sleepless nights until things settle down. I've made one promise to Laurent - no food from the table and I mean to keep it.

Hopefully I'll have a few pictures to post later today so everyone can get to know Nick and Nora.

24 aprile - San Fedele da Sigmaringen


Blake said...

Oh my God children again. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Doralong said...

What a nice thing to come home to after the last few weeks! Can't wait to see new pictures, as I'm sure they've grown a good bit since the last ones.

Anonymous said...

that's right ... no food at the table ... mother punishes the rest of us because she feeds her dawg at the table, and it begsandbegsandbegs ... keep that rule, it'll make a happier household ... :P

hope all is well!

2 Dogs
David Smith

sageweb said...

Breif stay in the hospital?? Hope you are doing well.

Cant wait to see Nick and Nora, oh and by the way Homer does not get Human food and he is the best dog while I am eating, he ignores me. People are always shocked when they come over and I can leave a piece of meat on my plate on my coffee table and he won't even be interested in it.

Sling said...

I used to be a real offender over giving my dog food from the table,but no more.
It just promotes good doggie manners.
(snatches meat from Sage's table)

yellowdog granny said...

they are going to have you two wrapped around their little paws in no time.