Friday, April 10, 2009

A National Day of Mourning

This has been a difficult day here in Italy; the images of the physical destruction that has hit the Abruzzo this past week - and continues to - were replaced by images of the human lose. As the country observed a National Day of Mourning a funeral mass was held in L'Aquila for 200 of the victims. Traditionally today would be the one day of the Catholic Christian year when mass is not celebrated but a special dispensation was given by the Vatican. As well as a Cardinal celebrating the mass, an Imam paid tribute to the Muslim victims of the earthquake. In the rest of Italy flags flew at half-mast, many shops and stores were closed and events - sporting and cultural - were canceled.

A right click on the above photo will take you to a photo essay from Speigel Online.

And in the shadow of the events and after shocks - another last evening that we felt here in Roma - the festivities of Easter have taken on a sombre tone. Though families and friends will still gather for the traditional Easter lunches a good deal of joy has been taken out of the celebration.

In an note my dear friend Walter wrote: Fortunately, I was in Rome; so, I only had a taste. Of a dish I didn't order. That nobody had ordered.

Should you wish to donate to a relief fund here are a few links that may prove useful:

In Canada: the Canadian Red Cross

In the US: National Italian American Foundation

In Italy: Croce Rossa Italiana

10 aprile - Venerdi Santo


sageweb said...

Oh my goodness that is so sad, that baby coffin is horrible. What a sad day.

Sling said...

Walter is a most eloquent fellow.
We tend to take our numerous little tremblors here in California with a grain of salt..
What are you supposed to do when the very earth beneath your feet betrays you in such tragic fashion?
I suppose prayer is our best resource in the wake of such events.

Doralong said...

How unspeakably sad.

flipstinger said...

I can tell how horrifying must have been for the population of L'aquila to have experienced something of this magnitude....I have dealt with it myself, in the past. I was still little but I will never forget.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered in this tragic well as to those they have left behind.

yellowdog granny said...

one of my friends sent me an email with nothing but pictures of the destruction and broke my heart.

more cowbell said...

Oh those coffins. I don't have words.