Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Does Anyone Still Wear a Hat?

"And are the ladies looking for hats for any special occasion," simpered the very eager and very British young salesclerk. Sales on the High Street are very slow and the sight of Peg, Anna and Gillian with Jim and I in tow had her hopes up for big sales.

"Well actually its for a funeral" I replied trying not to burst into laughter as Gillian modeled a flippy feathery number.

Poor girl - she was totally nonplussed but then she didn't know Deb. She couldn't imagine the half-smile and those eyes crinkling that we all could see as hats were tried on and comments made. She couldn't understand that what we were doing reached back to salacious lunch hour conversations, raucous restaurant banter, deep late night talks about everything that touched our lives or quiet chats on a London bound train where prognosis were revealed and talked about. But hopefully she could see the incredible love and heartbreak that was in our laughter. Deb wanted the ladies to wear hats at her funeral and damn it our ladies were going to wear hats. And if those hats were a bit flippy, a bit feathery, so much the better.
Peg thought something in a broad brim with a slightly My Fair Lady Ascot flair would work but finally settled on a smart little feathered pill box reminiscent of a 50s night club cigarette girl.

Gillian modeled several smart numbers gallantly proffered by Jim and I wanted her to get the feathery one that made her look like she was appearing in Swan Lake at the Theatre Royal. But she decided an old faithful that she had brought with her from Montreal would be just fine.

Anna tried on something broad brimmed and then a puffy gray pill box - for some reason puffy little hats on headbands are all the rage in England these days. She left the store sporting a straw saucer with a whiff of black feathers.
Slightly saucy, maybe even a bit silly our Deb would have loved them. And knowing she had taken us shopping one more time would have pleased her no end.

15 aprile - San Telmo


sageweb said...

I love hats..I still wear my beanie..

Doralong said...

How very perfect a way to say goodbye.

Doralong said...

PS- To answer your question. Why yes I do actually.

yellowdog granny said...

i would love to wear hats..but i have a pin head is too small for a hat..and any hat including cowboy, gimme and stocking..look rediculous on me..sigh*
im sure she loved it..

flipstinger said...

and my answer is NO! must admit don't really like wearing a hat...not even a toque! i don't think i look good wearing hats. BUT, i like looking a people sporting diff kinds.

btw, which store did you guys go to? Accesorize?

Sling said...

I love the whole idea of it.
We wore cowboy hats,and string ties to my granfather's funeral,just like he would have wanted.
No doubt Deb is well pleased.

evilganome said...

It looks as though all was carried out in high style. I am a great lover of hats myself and own probably too many.

Which doesn't stop me from getting more.

I'm happy you were all able to carry out these last wishes and I hope that you also made sure to have a good time as those last wishes specified. Your friend Deb knew how she wanted you to remember her. My hat is off to her.

Anonymous said...

You all looked so wonderful ... Deb knew she could count on you all to send her off in style and you clearly did not let her down!! I only wish I could have been there.
Still love you all!