Thursday, August 14, 2008

Strano... Molto Strano

I've often mentioned the shrines - mostly 13th-17th century iconic images of Saints, the Virgin Mary being the most popular - that dot the walls of houses here. Sunday afternoon we were wandering the streets near Piazza dell'Orlogio with Betty Jean, Sarah, Steve and Joe after a very good Sunday lunch - Terrine of Zucchini flower, roast lamb, rosemary potatoes and melon - and Joe drew our attention to a more recent addition to the shrine scene.
Shrine in a Via
I'm not sure if that old radio behind the BVM and St Joseph plays music but I have a feeling the Baby Jesus could have fun playing Zoom Zoom with those model cars.

14 agosto - San Massimiliano

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sageweb said...

Interesting combination of things. I wonder what the installer of such shrines story is?